Our Activity

Since 2009, we have been engaged in a series of activities serving in the protection of trees in the open landscape. The period 2009-2012 saw us plant some 30,000 trees along Polish roads, in partnership with 55 entities at various levels responsible for road management. We made it clear to all that roadside trees can be planted, and that there is room for them.

Our activity - tree planting

In parallel, we engaged in the training of road managers – organising seminars and conference meetings for them, and bringing out professional-quality publications concerning trees. It emerges that it has often been a lack of very basic knowledge on trees and their functioning, as well as principles by which they can be diagnosed and tended, that has fostered an excessively hasty approach to the issuance of permits for tree-felling, as well as a lack of willingness to support planting. There has also been a lack of any system by which to manage trees at gmina level, notwithstanding the fact that this tier of administration decides on the fates of trees.

Conference in Opole - P.T-Chmielowiec & J. Stolarczyk

Since 2012, we have cooperated with further gminas to develop local tree campaigns. In the course of this work, we have carried out reviews of trees, and drawn up relevant programmes for gminas. We have also been running training courses for officials, teaching them how to design treeplanting efforts, to diagnose the condition that trees are in and to take care of old trees. We also work to educate children and young people of school age. And together, we plant trees.

Avenue in Cieszkow