Friends of Trees Forum 2014

You are invited to take a look at the photoreport of the Forum, and we shall also be uploading video extracts of the presentations made by the different speakers.

Krzysztof Smolnicki, Fundacja EkoRozwoju

 Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Ochrony Krajobrazu Kulturowego Mazur Sadyba

Following Krzysztof Worobec’s presentation, there was the part of the meeting giving organisations and activists from different parts of Poland the opportunity to present themselves. Video extracts from these presentations will also go up on the site in the nearest future. Organisations present were as follows:

  • Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Zalesia Dolnego (based in Piaseczno) – Ms Joanna Kowalska presented the work of the ”Society of Friends of Zalesie Dolne”;
  • Zielonogórskie Towarzystwo Upiększania Miasta – Joanna Liddane spoke on her Society’s efforts to beautify the city of Zielona Góra in western Poland;
  • Stowarzyszenie "Ład na Mazowszu" (based in Komorów) - Małgorzata Brykalska presented the ”Order in Mazowsze” Association; 
  • Społeczny Ruch Ochrony Drzew (based in Bielsko-Biała) – Wioletta Stokłosa presented this informal social movement seeking to protect trees;
  • Dolnośląski Ruch Ochrony Przyrody (based in Wrocław, Wałbrzych) – the Lower Silesian Movement for Nature Conservation; 
  • Fundacja Albatros (based in Bukwałd) – as presented by Ewa Rumińska.

Other participants were representatives of the Wiedzieć Więcej (”Know More”) Foundation based in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, though unforeseen circumstances unfortunately caused them to arrive at the end of the day only. More insights into their activity can be gained from

A further part consisted of talks and presentations by Polish activists in the interest of trees. These were people from various different circles, engaging in diverse activities, and it was a matter of key importance for us to make clear how wide the spectrum of opportunities for taking action to help protect trees really is.

Cecylia Malik

 Joanna Jasięga


Jarek Kasprzyk, Klub Gaja


Aleksandra Zienkiewicz, miastoDrzew


Ewa Romanow-Pękal, Stowarzyszenie Eko-Inicjatywa


Radosław Gawlik, founder of Fundacja EkoRozwoju

The floor was first given to our guests from abroad, who have for years been active in efforts to protect trees in their countries.

Katharina Brückmann,  BUND


Marcela Klemensová, Arnika

Pauline Buchanan Black, The Tree Council

 César-Javier Palacios, Fundación Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente

A further part comprised group classes with specialists, as a try-out of content for inclusion in the training courses run in gminas. Participants in groups of 10-20 people met with arborist Maciej Motas, who is responsible for the tending of old trees; with Dr Marcin Kadej, who presented the natural wealth associated with old trees; with Rafał Wodzicki, who showed how trees on building sites can be taken care of; and with Łukasz Dworniczak, D.Eng., who went through the main principles underpinning the design of mew areas of treeplanting. Under the tutelage of Dr. Piotr Tyszko-Chmielowiec, the last group also familiarised themselves with a form used to assess the condition of old trees, and proving useful in guiding the decision on whether or not such trees need to be felled.

On returning to the hall, participants heard from Mariusz Krynicki – an employee of the City and Gmina Office in Lądek Zdrój, who spoke about the protection of trees from an official’s point of view. He thus presented the possibilities for trees to gain legal protection, as well as the good practices applied in local-authority areas. He also discussed the changes in the law on the protection of trees that were most likely to come into effect from the beginning of 2015 onwards.

A discussion took place at the end, with the conclusions from this being elaborated and sent out to all Forum participants declaring themselves ready to cooperate with us over the protection of trees in the landscape.

Friends of Trees Forum 2014

Friends of Trees Forum 2014

Friends of Trees Forum 2014


We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the organisation of the event – to the guests who agreed to appear; to the representatives of organisations who opted to come from various more-distant parts of Poland to tell us of their activities; and to the experts who strived to convey as much specialist knowledge to participants as they could in the space of less than a full hour.

Above all, we thank all the participants on that great day, for their decision to spend it with us. We hope that it proved to be as inspiring for you as it did for us, and we trust that a large step towards the more effective protection of trees in the Polish landscape has been taken.


>>> Conference schedule (in polish version only)

Event was organised within Roads for Nature – campaign promoting trees in Poland`s rural landscapes, as habitats and ecological corridors