Support Us

By transferring even a small sum of money to us on a regular basis, you can help us achieve our objectives over the long term. Do you know that a transfer to us of 10 zł a month for a year will allow us to plant one tree extra? This is how much the saplings we plant in the “Roads for Nature” context cost. These are larger trees planted in a place where they have a real chance of making it through to a ripe old age, providing of course that they are cared for by the local community and the site manager.

If you make up your mind to set up a standing order to the ”Roads for Nature” Programme, please make sure you let us know about it! Then we will dedicate a planted tree to you, and you will be able to visit it, and see how beautifully it grows.

How to…?

Go to the bank and set up a standing order on your account, state the amount you would like to be transferred each month, and there you have it! The bank will make the transfer automatically, so there is nothing to remember. We will supply our reminder to you, by showing you the saplings that have been planted in your name.

Dedicated Account Number:

72 1500 1155 1211 5007 7242 0000 

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